There are two major concerns that much of the world faces today: the financial crisis and the environment. Although the shape of global markets looks pretty dire at the moment, the situation will improve in time as basic economics dictates that boom always follows bust. Sadly, the long-term outlook for the environment is not quite so predictable.

Significant problems
Gadget-mad consumers have gotten so used to having the latest brands and products that there are now more unwanted and discarded electronic devices such as mobile phones being thrown away than ever before. This represents a significant problem in terms of the environment, as many of these huge piles of rubbish are not 100% recyclable. Practically all new mobile phones that are purchased today are bought to replace existing mobiles that are still in perfect working order. However, many of these unwanted phones are simply thrown away as they are no longer wanted. This really is a terrible waste and is a damning reflection our ‘disposable lifestyle’.

Mobile phone recycling
We here at Mazuma Mobile are all too aware of the environmental impact that unwanted mobile phones can have. As well as doing everything we can to successfully recycle mobile phones, we also try to resell phones traded with us to markets in developing countries where the cost of a mobile can still be way beyond many ordinary people’s reach.

Mobile recycling really can help to limit the impact of unwanted phones on the environment. Recycle it – don’t bin it!

Written by Mazuma

Mazuma Mobile is the UK's most trusted mobile phone recycling service.

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