The toaster exploded, your old mobile phones finally gave up the ghost, the washing machine just… stopped, and the ancient electric room heater has just about packed in. We live in a fairly disposable world, but it can’t stay this way for ever.

Badly disposed-of e-waste can cause such environmental damage as widespread abandonment of hazardous chemicals, the loss of valuable resources (rare, valuable metals are inside pretty much every electrical device we own) and degradation of land quality (e.g. pollution from landfills spreading outside the landfill barrier)


Working appliances tend to find new homes fairly easily via charity shops, incentives etc. Avoid throwing away any appliance that works. Someone somewhere can provide a home for it.


Mobile phone recycling is easy, but what about larger appliances? As much as we love the environment we’d rather you didn’t send us your old washing machines in the post. Most local tips provide clearly labelled areas for various types of e-waste, although a tailored recycling centre is preferable.


Websites like are full of creative, wonderfully unique ways to reuse your old electrical devices. If you’re not quite up for making a garden feature of your old grill, consider refurbishing superfluous devices and storing for your own emergency use.

Mobile phone recycling for cash may only be the tip of the iceberg in terms of responsibly disposing of disused electronic devices and appliances, but the reality of simple, eco-friendly, accessible disposal is becoming more of a reality by the day.

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