Sony Ericsson has agreed to the European Commission’s request, and will soon be changing to a universal phone charger. It is a surprising about face for the Swedish company that joined with Japanese electronics giant Sony in 2001. Previously they had always been resolute about keeping their own design for a mobile charger, but the pressure from the European Commission to reduce the waste has meant big changes ahead.

Apple also will be dropping their own charger in favour for the mini USB port, along with a whole host of other mobile manufacturers such as LG, Motorola, Samsung and Nokia. For Apple it is a big surprise as all their current technology runs on their own dock connector, and they have had good success it leasing the technology out to other firms.

From the consumer’s point of view there are many advantages. For a start there is no reason to throw out all those old phone chargers. With just one simple connection people will soon stack up a fair few viable chargers. With that in mind there will come a time where manufacturers can omit the charger completely and have it instead as a separate purchasable entity. Less chargers being produced has to have a good impact on their carbon footprints.

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