You may be looking to clear out your property and get rid of any unnecessary items. This might be because you are moving house, because you are redecorating or simply as a means of achieving a new start.

Whatever the reason, the process can seem daunting and it can take a lot of effort.

One popular way of flogging products that are no longer needed is to take them to a car boot sale.

Held up and down the land, these events enable buyers and sellers to come together and exchange unwanted items for cash.

This may be great for many things, such as books, old pieces of small furniture, toys and ornaments. However, when it comes to used mobile phones, you might be making a mistake by attempting to get rid of them in this way.

While there may be individuals present at the event who want to buy the device, they might not be prepared to pay much for them and you could find yourself parting with the item for too little money.

In order to prevent such a scenario occurring, you may be wise to investigate other means of passing on your handset.

For example, you could sell your phone via mobile phone recycling. This is a straightforward process that can be completed over the web and, by opting to go for this, you may well end up with more money.

There is certainly no harm in checking as when you fill in the details of your mobile over the internet, you will be given a quote estimating how much you would receive. If you are unhappy with this, you can rethink your phone recycling.

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