Why sell my mobile? Halifax customers given incentive to do so


Why Sell My Mobile? Halifax Customers Given Incentive To Do So

Those who bank with Halifax could well be first in line to sell mobile phones and switch to a brand new device that supports the bank's latest app.

Halifax has confirmed its Mobile Banking tool is now available on all of the most popular smartphones.

It said it is responding to the fast-growing smartphone market – and possibly an increased demand for banking via handsets – by releasing the app.

The company said it believes almost one in five users now prefer to access apps than visit web browsers on their phones.

David Nicholson, group director at Halifax Community Bank, said: "The use of mobile apps to assist day-to-day activities - like banking - on the go is more popular than ever, especially apps that provide customers with everything they need in one place."

Jason, writing for Nokia Conversations, recently said there are several apps – such as Spotify and gPodder – that make investing in the Nokia N9 worthwhile.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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