Sony Xperia ZU to launch on June 25th?


Sony Xperia ZU To Launch On June 25th?

Many rumours have been surrounding Sony's upcoming Xperia mobile phone that was codenamed Togari, however now we may have the official name of the device.

According to VR-Zone, the Sony Togari will be sold under the name of the Sony Xperia ZU and the site also said June 25th would be the official release date.

This is the same date as a company event in Germany and some sources have claimed that Sony will use this as an arena to officially release its super-sized handset. 

Although the Japanese firm isn't really making much fuss about the upcoming event, which would suggest it's not really a big deal for the company.

The 6.44-inch Sony Xperia ZU will pack a full-HD screen and a mighty 2.3GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor, but also has the possibility of being water-resistant like the latest Xperia model.

Nothing has been officially confirmed by Sony and users will have to wait for a company statement before you can sure when you'll see the Sony Xperia ZU.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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