Recycling your phone? Check out the LG BL40 Chocolate


Recycling Your Phone? Check Out The LG BL40 Chocolate

A new handset from LG could be ideal for anyone recycling their mobile phone and eager to get their hands on a better model.

Trusted Reviews, which recently evaluated the LG BL40 Chocolate and gave it eight marks out of a possible ten, highlighted its aesthetics and said it was overall a very nice gadget.

Receiving a top score for design, the phone - which has a widescreen display - it quite tall but has fantastic build quality, the website remarked.

Coloured glossy black, it has pleasing features, such as a micro-USB socket and headphone port, built in so seamlessly they are a joy to use.

The five-megapixel camera with LED flash is also a worthy component of the BL40 Chocolate, as is the general performance, which comes equipped with a strong signal and clear audio.

However, the operating system was singled out as a reason why the handset may not suit everyone.

"The LG BL40 Chocolate is a stunning phone," Trusted Reviews concluded. "However, unless you're a patient person, the cumbersome software will frustrate to distraction."

Other phones currently in the LG range include the Arena and Cookie models.

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Posted by Paul Whalley