Do apps make selling mobile and moving to Nokia N9 worthwhile?


Do Apps Make Selling Mobile And Moving To Nokia N9 Worthwhile?

There are potentially many reasons to start selling old mobile phones and using the money to buy a hi-tech model, such as the Nokia N9.

From the device's battery, which is capable of running for up to 420 hours, to its 3.9-inch touchscreen and eight-megapixel camera, the phone is a highly desirable one to many.

But what may not be immediately apparent is the wealth of top apps available to those who use the mobile.

Jason, writing for Nokia Conversations, has named some of his favourite tools to download.

These start with the 4squick app, which allows users to check-in to locations and see where friends are at a particular time.

He went on to recommend Spotify for all music needs, gPodder to manage all podcasts and NewsFlow, which enables owners of the handset to stay up to date with all the latest goings on from around the world.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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