Avatar - heading to Nokia N97?


Avatar   Heading To Nokia N97?

One of the most anticipated movies of the year could be heading to handsets with gaming technology, such as the Nokia N97.

This week, Gameloft announced it had entered a partnership with Fox Mobile Interactive that would see handset users able to download a playable version of James Cameron's Avatar in time for its December release.

Based on the story of one man's journey into the indigenous tribe of an alien planet that goes by the name Pandora, special previews of scenes from the movie were screened worldwide last Friday.

However, Gameloft will now be charged with bringing the Titanic director's vision to the small screen, something its senior vice-president seemed confident about.

Gonzague de Vallois said: "With a riveting storyline and compelling characterisation, Avatar: the Mobile Game will raise the bar for the mobile game user experience."

This week, gaming industry expert Robin Boyar told gigaom more mobile titles could soon emerge that are targeted at women.

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