Are you making the most of your phone?


Are You Making The Most Of Your Phone?

People looking to make use of the internet while travelling could wish to consider selling their old mobile phone for cash.

This may allow them to upgrade to a new device with Wi-Fi, a technology with a history dating back 25 years.

It is that long since the Federal Communications Commission allowed Wi-Fi to be developed by giving the 802.11 committee unlicensed access to the radio spectrum.

"To be able to receive and reply to emails or to do research online while on a train or in a restaurant has not only changed daily work routines, but it has made such devices indispensable," said Chris Davies, general manager at D-Link, UK and Ireland.

It is now possible to view information in almost any place, he suggested.

Findings from the Wi-Fi Alliance revealed that people would like to do more with the technology as 54 per cent of respondents wanted to be able to use Wi-Fi to synch a portable audio player to a music library.

Recycle your old mobile phone to cash

Posted by Paul Whalley