Apple awarded $290 million in lawsuit against Samsung


Apple Awarded $290 Million In Lawsuit Against Samsung

Mobile phone giant Apple has been awarded $290 million (£180 million) in damages after an extended legal battle against Samsung.

Apple sued Samsung for patent infringement, and was awarded around $1 billion in damages last year.

However, the judge ruled that the jury had miscalculated the amount of damages that Apple was owed, and reduced the amount to $640 million with a retrial to determine the rest.

In the retrial, Apple argued that it was owed $379.8 million, whereas Samsung attempted to bargain down to $52.7 million.

The eventual award of $290 million to Apple brings the total amount that the company received to $930 million.

Apple said that the lawsuit was less about gaining any kind of financial reward, and more about protecting innovation.

A representative of Samsung reported that the company was disappointed by the verdict.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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