All Windows Phone 8 devices to get 8.1 upgrade


All Windows Phone 8 Devices To Get 8.1 Upgrade

It's good news if you own a Windows Phone 8 handset as the 8.1 upgrade will be coming to your mobile phone when it starts rolling out in a few months time.

Speaking in an interview with Computerworld, Windows Phone director of public relations at Microsoft Greg Sullivan confirmed the news.

He even added that the company won't "run out of head space on Windows Phone 8 any time soon", suggesting there is still plenty more to come from the Windows giant in terms of their operating system.

Rumours had suggested current Windows Phone 8 smartphones wouldn't get the upgrade to 8.1 when it is released later this year, but it appears as though this isn't the case.

So if you own a Windows Phone 8 handset, the only thing in the way of you getting the update is your own network as it will need to get you the 8.1 software.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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