Vodafone 845 'offers affordable use of Android 2.1'


Vodafone 845 Offers Affordable Use Of Android 2.1

A mobile phone that runs on the Android 2.1 operating system has been highlighted by a reviewer as offering affordable access to the technology.

Ben Williams, writing for CNET UK, explains the Vodafone 845 can be secured on a contract for £15 a month.

"There may be plenty of Android phones on the market, but most of them are quite expensive. Vodafone is throwing its hat into the budget ring, however, with the 845," he states.

At £15 a month, the phone is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy Android 2.1.

Mr Williams also suggests the "compact and cute design" is among his favourite aspects of the handset, which is also described as "smart" by the expert.

It may therefore provide the perfect package for those looking to trade-in an old mobile in favour of a newer design.

Vodafone suggests that, as of March 31st, it has some 341 million customers located throughout the world.

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Posted by Paul Whalley