Trading in mobiles could be worthwhile in countryside


Trading In Mobiles Could Be Worthwhile In Countryside

Britons living in some of the country's most rural spots could soon have a huge incentive to trade in mobile phones and upgrade to a device that supports broadband.

That is because, according to Eclipse Internet director Clodagh Murphy, significant strides are being made in the industry to provide the countryside with a super-fast service.

She noted that the product only has to be mentioned for the excitement in rural dwellers' faces to be evident.

"We are working alongside BT to make sure that our customers will benefit from the roll out as much as possible," Ms Murphy stated.

She went on to add that the firm has created an availability map, which could be used by consumers to work out when a mobile trade in may be best for them.

Eclipse is a provider of internet services and specialises in getting businesses on the web.

Posted by Samantha Green