Trading-in mobile could be worth it for Motorola tablet


Trading In Mobile Could Be Worth It For Motorola Tablet

The looming prospect of a Motorola tablet device may be an incentive for many people to trade-in their mobile phone and switch to the new model.

Luke Westaway, writing for CNET UK, explains a few pieces of information about the possible release have been acquired via a leak from the US.

Among the details are the fact the tablet will be ten inches in length, sport a five-megapixel camera and have technology in place to make video calls.

Mr Westaway admits he is "itching for some more info on this mysterious tablet", which is rumoured to run on a new Android operating system known as Honeycomb.

Other snippets to emerge from the leak include specifications regarding the display – described by the expert as sounding "very healthy" – and the provision of 512MB of RAM.

The Motorola model would be the latest addition to the tablet market, following in the steps of designs such as the BlackBerry PlayBook, which was released recently.

Posted by Simon Thomas