Trade in mobiles and switch to Android for 500,000 apps


Trade In Mobiles And Switch To Android For 500,000 Apps

Consumers who trade in their mobile phones and invest in an Android device as a replacement will have access to 500,000 apps.

Boy Genius Report has revealed that the landmark figure has now been reached by the operating system.

This puts it about 100,000 behind Apple's decorated App Store, potentially making it a popular choice among mobile users.

A research2guidance press release noted that Apple also has the upper hand in terms of the number of apps it is forced to delete, as a result of low quality or trial runs.

However, Android's significant growth to reach the half a million point will have alerted consumers to its potential.

Three recently confirmed it is adding the Galaxy Nexus to its portfolio of mobiles available to customers.

The device runs on the new Android 4.0 operating system – otherwise known as Android Ice Cream Sandwich – which was launched this month shortly after Apple released its new iOS 5.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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