Trade-in mobile phone for '2010's best' – the iPhone 4


Trade In Mobile Phone For 2010s Best – The IPhone 4

Consumers who use the holiday period as a time to trade-in their mobile phone may wish to look towards one of the year's best devices when it comes to selecting a replacement.

In the view of Flora Graham, writing for CNET UK, the illustrious list includes Apple's iPhone 4, which was released in June.

She labels the model "the one to beat" – a tag she says it has enjoyed in each of the last four years.

"Simply, after a long day of hacking into the deepest, darkest secrets of some prototype Android phone, picking up the iPhone 4 is like getting into a warm bath," the expert reviewer states.

Ms Graham goes on to note the user-friendly set-up of the iPhone 4 makes it a relaxing and enjoyable handset to navigate.

The iPhone 4 was launched in the UK, US, Germany, France and Japan simultaneously in the summer and was later released in other nations around the world.

Posted by Samantha Green