Trade in mobile for iPhone to enjoy table tennis game


Trade In Mobile For IPhone To Enjoy Table Tennis Game

Gamers who trade in their mobiles in favour of buying an iPhone will now be able to enjoy a brand new paddle feature on the device's table tennis game.

PingPongSolo Anaglyph 3D has been developed over recent months and sets consumers a unique and exciting challenge.

The task is to keep the ball bouncing off the bat for as long as possible using the technology, which reflects all the movements made during real-life games.

It is said to have never been as realistic as it now is with the paddle, with every single movement guaranteed to have an effect on where the ball lands.

However, gamers should not be worried that the challenge is too difficult, as its makers promise it is possible to succeed and keep the ball bouncing for some time.

Many experts expect the iPhone 5 to be released by the end of the year and one – Jason Jenkins, editor of CNET UK – recently said he is anticipating plenty of new features.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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