Trade in mobile for improved Twitter service via iPhone


Trade In Mobile For Improved Twitter Service Via IPhone

Twitter users may be among the first in line to trade in their mobile phones and switch to iPhones after the social network's app for the device was updated.

It recently launched a new app that received some criticism, but has now ironed out the difficulties in the form of an upgrade.

One of the problems associated with the new tool was the emergence of a Quick Bar that is said to have hovered at the top of the screen.

Developers have now changed the settings so iPhone owners are able to program their handset not to display the Quick Bar over new tweets.

Those happy with the changes could now be convinced that investing in an Apple iPhone and using it for social networking is a wise move.

The US manufacturer has been in the headlines in recent days after it announced the launch of the iPad 2 in California last week.

Posted by Simon Thomas