Toshiba TG01 put to the test


Toshiba TG01 Put To The Test

According to Techradar, Toshiba will be hoping to take on the likes of the Apple iPhone 3G S and HTC Hero when the TG01 hits stores - but there may be some issues to iron out first.

The device is praised for its fast web connectivity and smooth running, with the inclusion of an 8 GB memory card noted as a "nice present from Orange".

"It's not the ugliest device we've ever seen either - and for a different phone with business functionality, there are worse," it added.

However, despite praising the overall power of the Toshiba TG01, it is noted that there are a number of problems with the onboard Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system that may put people off - which may be fixed when the software gets an upgrade later this year.

This week, Orange also announced it would offer music that was free from Digital Rights Management restrictions via its online mobile store.

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