Three targets Scottish mobile phone users


Three Targets Scottish Mobile Phone Users

Mobile phone users in Glasgow will today (August 23rd) be targeted by Three, which is bidding to highlight the benefits of internet on the go.

The network is taking its Mobile Broadband Bus to St Enoch Square in the Scottish city, where it will aim to persuade people to use its services.

In order to do this, many may find they would like to sell used mobile phones in a bid to fund the purchase of a snazzy smartphone.

"Three is committed to giving people a network they can depend on and access packages that make the internet affordable for anyone. We believe everyone should be able to get online wherever they are," explains Charlotte Blanchard, director of products and services at the company.

Pollyanna Woodward, star of Channel Five's The Gadget Show will also be on hand to offer hints and tips to customers.

The mobile broadband bus was last week in Leeds, West Yorkshire, where mobile users may have signed up to enjoy Three's broadband coverage.

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Posted by Dan Latham