T-Mobile Vairy Touch II mobile phone 'is a good budget option'


T Mobile Vairy Touch II Mobile Phone Is A Good Budget Option

In the current economic uncertainty, families may be looking for every opportunity to save a little money - and one could be to trade-in a mobile phone and switch to the T-Mobile Vairy Touch II.

Available for a price in the range of £30, the mobile is a solid option for those with a strict budget, says Damien McFerran, writing a piece for CNET UK.

He notes the phone has some "impressive features", such as its ungradeable storage space and a camera with video recording technology attached.

"When you look at some of the super-budget phones available right now ... it makes you appreciate just how much has been crammed into the diminutive frame," remarks the author.

Mr McFerran admits it is a "cheap and cheerful" option, but it may be one that brings a positive financial result when a previous model is traded-in for cash with Mazuma.

T-Mobile has recently completed a merger with Orange, which now sees customers of both networks able to benefit from the signal strength of the other.

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Posted by Paul Whalley