Switch to Nokia mobile phone for updated map service


Switch To Nokia Mobile Phone For Updated Map Service

Trading-in a mobile and opting for a Nokia device as a replacement is possibly a good move for those with a poor sense of direction.

Adam, writing a post for the Nokia Conversations blog, explains the company has launched an update of its Ovi Map service for those with one of its handsets.

While this version of the tool may have a similar visual impact to its predecessor, below the surface a raft of changes have been made – such as the inclusion of extra transport links and information.

"Not only does Ovi Maps give you a map of anywhere in the world, with directions should you need it, you've now got public transport marked out too," states Adam.

Progress has also been made in terms of WiFi positioning, allowing the device to plot where somebody is quicker and easier than ever.

Ovi Maps updates can be secured from Nokia's Ovi Store, where thousands of apps and features are available.

Posted by Claire Marshall