SwiftKey 4 mobile phone app offers "world’s smartest touchscreen keyboard


SwiftKey 4 Mobile Phone App Offers World’s Smartest Touchscreen Keyboard

An upgrade to the SwiftKey app could mean added convenience for Android mobile phone owners who are composing messages or posting a Facebook status update.

The new-and-improved version four tool is available through Google Play for £1.49, meaning those with handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S3 and LG Nexus 4 can take advantage.

A new SwiftKey Flow feature allows users to compose text without lifting their finger from the display, as it automatically determines when a space is required.

Tracing across the QWERTY on the display is much quicker than tapping each individual key too, so communicating with friends and family is easier than ever.

It continues to ensure superior accuracy by working to understand the owner and develop a custom dictionary which provides more precise auto-corrections.

There is even support for 60 languages, meaning that smartphone users across the globe can take advantage and keep in touch with loved ones.

Posted by Claire Marshall

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