Social media may be greatest incentive to sell mobiles


Social Media May Be Greatest Incentive To Sell Mobiles

The take off of social media sites – such as Facebook and Twitter – among Britons may have led many to sell mobile phones in order to upgrade to a device capable of hosting the portals.

New research by InSites Consulting has found that some 72 per cent of the UK's population now use such sites.

This means there are 37 million Britons with a social media account of some type, with Facebook being named as the most popular.

And it is not just young, technology-savvy consumers who may be interested in a modern mobile on which to speak to friends.

Steven Van Belleghem, managing partner at InSites Consulting, said: "These numbers show that social network sites have penetrated all layers of society - 16 per cent of Facebook users are 55+. An analysis of the users shows everyone is there: young, older, employed or unemployed." founder Nikki Moore recently said social media is one of the major factors that draws people to new mobile phones, with the prospect of updating a status or sharing a tweet while on the move a tempting one.

Posted by Samantha Green

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