Shanghai court rejects efforts to halt sales of iPads


Shanghai Court Rejects Efforts To Halt Sales Of IPads

A court in Shanghai has rejected efforts from Proview to halt the sales of Apple's iPad in the country over a decision pending a trademark in a different court, as the dispute rumbles on.

Proview has been trying to ban sales and shipments of Apple's mobile phones in the last few weeks and had previously been informed by Chinese customs officials that a complete block on the devices would be unlikely.

Attention is now focussed on proceedings that are expected to begin in a southern Chinese court next week.

The court also acceded to a request by Apple to postpone proceedings until a court in China's southern Guangdong province decides on the appeal in another case requested.

Lawyer representing Proview Ma Dongxiao said the company didn't have an immediate response to the court ruling, while spokeswoman for Apple Carolyn Wu simply stated the firm refuses to honour the agreement with the American conglomerate.

Posted by Samantha Green

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