Sell your old Apple iPad for cash


Sell Your Old Apple IPad For Cash

Owners of the old Apple iPad or any other tablets have been urged to sell them to Mazuma in order to upgrade to a newer model.

The company is now recycling tablets – as well as mobile phones – and will pay out a significant cash sums for unwanted devices.

People with iPads may be at the front of the queue for the service, as the iPad 2 was released last month and may be seen as a more desirable option.

"The recent launch of the iPad2 and announcement of equivalent Android devices has seen a surge in demand for tablet recycling from our customer base," explained the firm's managing director Charlo Carabott.

Other new and hi-tech tablets on the market include the Dell Streak, the Motorola Xoom, the HTC Flyer and the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Mazuma currently recycles approximately 150,000 mobiles a month and is one of Europe's leading eco-friendly phone disposal firms.

Posted by Samantha Green