Sell my phone: The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft 'will work'


Sell My Phone: The Partnership Between Nokia And Microsoft Will Work

The marriage between Nokia and Microsoft - which hasn't been hugely fruitful as yet - will work if given time, according to an expert.

Nokia agreed a partnership with Microsoft to use its operating system (OS) Windows Phones on its mobile phones after losing major ground in the smartphone race with its own Symbian OS.

Companies such as Samsung, superseded the company which was recently overtaken as the largest mobile phone provider in the world by the Korean giant.

Editor of Shahpur Azizpour said the Windows Phone 7 OS is very impressive and although there isn't great momentum on their side right now Microsoft is committed to being successful.

"The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft will pay off in the long term, as Microsoft has a great product and the deep pockets to become the number three - after Android and iOS," he was quoted as saying.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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