Sell mobiles for top themes with Nokia


Sell Mobiles For Top Themes With Nokia

People who choose to sell mobiles in order to switch to one of the latest Nokia devices will be given the chance to download a great theme.

Adam, author of the latest piece for Nokia Conversations, explained themes are a favourite of many people, in much the same way as other users prioritise apps and music.

He identified Angry Shark as one that can give a menacing and exciting look to a handset.

For the feeling of a spooky forest, the writer recommended Dark Green Wood, which he said is likely to transform a Nokia mobile into a "rugged, dark, piece of splintery wood".

Adam named DeepBlu as the top choice, stating: "Probably my favourite of the three, DeepBlu's icon changes and gradient blue wallpaper make for an easy-on-the-eye theme. Although the icons have been changed they've not messed about with them."

Nokia recently launched the new E6 mobile phone, providing another option for those seeking a replacement after selling a device.

Posted by Simon Thomas