Sell mobile for unlimited data with Three


Sell Mobile For Unlimited Data With Three

Selling a mobile phone and switching to a deal with the network Three is one way for consumers to enjoy unlimited data for £15 a month.

The company has confirmed it is launching the offer, which allows Britons access to the internet via their mobile device at all times of the day.

It noted other operators are cutting back on the amount of megabytes they allow their customers to eat up, but Three intends for users to feel confident enough to browse whenever they want without the fear of additional costs.

Marc Allera, sales and marketing director at the firm, said: "Three's network was built for data and it's the confidence in the strength of our 3G network that means we can introduce deals like this."

In the last YouGov poll on mobile broadband in the UK, Three was named as the top provider, with its cost, quality and reliability all praised by respondents.

Posted by Samantha Green