Samsung Reclaim phone is "eco-friendly"


Samsung Reclaim Phone Is Eco Friendly

Samsung and North American mobile phone network Sprint have teamed up to offer consumers in the US an "eco-friendly" handset.

The Samsung Reclaim is a qwerty model said to be made from 80 per cent recyclable materials - and will be available for under $50.

Anyone who has recycled their phone for cash may know the satisfaction that comes from knowing your technology will leave less of a carbon footprint on the earth.

The device is made from eco-friendly bio-plastics and other greener substances. For example, the outer casing uses a material derived from corn and the images on both box and warranty leaflet are printed with soy-based ink.

"When you combine the Reclaim's impressive feature set with its bio-plastic hardware and eco-friendly packaging, you're using a phone that is good for you and the environment," explained Omar Khan, Samsung Mobile's senior vice-president of strategy and product management.

Meanwhile, back here in the UK, most Samsung handsets can be recycled for money, providing consumers with a very useful way of raising fund for their next gadget.

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