Samsung Galaxy S5 to tote improved fingerprint scanner


Samsung Galaxy S5 To Tote Improved Fingerprint Scanner

One of the biggest rumours surrounding the release of Samsung's next flagship mobile phone is the possibility of it featuring a fingerprint scanner. Now reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature such technology, and it will be superior to Apple's current one.

According to Korean news source ETNews, Samsung is producing a swipe fingerprint scanner in-house for its next flagship handset.

It would work differently to the current technology found in Apple's iPhone 5S as it would be activated by a swipe across the screen, rather than placing your finger on top of a sensor.

There have been contradicting reports about whether the Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a fingerprint scanner of some sort. According to the Korean Times, a company worker said that Samsung was not working with such technology, though more recent reports state the contrary.

However, most agree that Samsung's flagship will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2014 at the end of the month (February) - so there won't be long to wait.

Posted by Samantha Green

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