Samsung DROID creator announces bada OS


Samsung DROID Creator Announces Bada OS

Samsung is launching its own operating system, or OS, to allow iPhone-style apps to be created for its mobile phone handsets.

The software, called bada, is due to be released in December, which could mean that its smartphone users see apps begin to appear to extend the functionality of their mobile phones soon after.

With bada said to be suitable for "an increasing number of accessible smartphones" by Samsung's executive vice-president Dr Hosoo Lee, it could make this Christmas an ideal time to trade-in an old mobile phone and invest in a new Samsung handset.

The name bada was picked by the group as it is Korean for ocean, reflecting the wide variety of possibilities that open up to developers on the launch of the new OS.

Samsung is spurring developers on to create bada apps with its Developer Challenge 2010, which runs until June and offers cash payouts for the best software created for the new platform.

Trade-in your old mobile phone for cash

Posted by Sam White