Reviewer "impressed" by Motorola Milestone XT720 mobile phone


Reviewer Impressed By Motorola Milestone XT720 Mobile Phone

One mobile phone reviewer admits the Motorola Milestone "impressed" him upon its release, but the follow-up model - the Milestone XT720 - could be even better.

The original version's launch last year helped to rejuvenate Motorola in the mobile market, says David Phelan, writing for T3.

Now, it has ironed out some of the slight issues with the "well-liked" device and unveiled its successor.

One of the major improvements comes in the keyboard area, with the Milestone suffering from a "flattish" typing pad, states Mr Phelan.

However, the Milestone XT720 "ditches the solid keyboard" and instead offers a highly usable virtual keyboard, the expert explains.

Other benefits of the handset are said to include its use of the Android 2.1 operating system and the inclusion of a "pretty good" 3.7-inch touchscreen.

Motorola says it has been helping people, businesses and governments to "be more connected and more mobile" for 80 years.

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Posted by Nathan Latham