Recycle mobile to get best map service


Recycle Mobile To Get Best Map Service

Phone users who like to get out and about may be best advised to recycle their old mobile and instead invest in a BlackBerry device.

The option comes as the smartphone manufacturer adds the latest version of Google Maps to its handsets, offering users a dedicated cycle route planning service, explains the Google Mobile Blog.

Dark green markings will help mobile users to distinguish between cycling tracks and normal roads and pathways.

It means cyclists can head out with only their BlackBerry for company, rather than relying on a computer or map for directions, the blog notes.

As well as providing routes for those on two wheels, the new technology allows consumers to send maps to friends - which could be particularly useful when arranging to meet.

One alternative to buying a BlackBerry is a model from Nokia's range, which all come equipped with the Finnish firm's Ovi Maps service.

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Posted by Dan Latham