Recycle mobile phones: People 'managing diseases with mobile phones'


Recycle Mobile Phones: People Managing Diseases With Mobile Phones

Dr Joseph Kim, president of Medical Communications Media and founder of, claims that patients in medical practices are using mobile phone technology to enhance their treatment.

He specified the devices have had a big impact on the ways an individual manages their disease.

For example, diabetics are now able to track vital information such as blood sugars with an app.

One particular advantage of this trend is that it can be done remotely wherever they are - regardless of whether they are at work or in a restaurant.

Indeed, this is being encouraged by the government, as chairman of the British Medical Association's GP committee Dr Laurence Buckman told the Daily Mail that self-care is very important.

Dr Kim commented: "Will it engage the patients to understand their conditions and truly be a catalyst? I believe the potential is there, it's working, to some extent, in a small group of people."

Posted by Samantha Green

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