Paying by mobile phone 'increasingly popular'


Paying By Mobile Phone Increasingly Popular

Smartphones have helped boost the popularity of using mobile phones to pay for goods, it has been suggested.

The Mobile Payments for Digital and Physical Goods study by Juniper Research found the fact that more consumers are becoming aware they can use their handsets in this way, along with easy-to-use and secure payment options, have made mobile phone e-commerce a growing trend.

By 2012, the organisation expects the value of physical and digital goods paid for over handsets to reach $200 billion (£135 billion).

Howard Wilcox, author of the report, said: "Our research showed that the purchase experience has been enhanced by improved mobile commerce transaction processes due to faster mobile networks, more powerful devices and much more user-friendly smartphone apps."

He cited the example of Amazon Payments, which has allowed smartphone users to pay for their items with one click.

Apple's new iPhone 4, released in the UK next week, could prove an ideal handset to make quick and easy payments online with.

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Posted by Ryan White