Option of improved internet access could drive mobile recycling


Option Of Improved Internet Access Could Drive Mobile Recycling

The increasing demand for internet access on mobile phones is meaning that data pricing is playing a more important role for manufacturers and consumers.

People may wish to consider mobile recycling as an option in order to receive cash to put towards a new smartphone.

According to market intelligence firm IDC, vendors shipped a total of 54.5 million smartphone handsets in the final quarter of 2009.

Leigh Geary, from CoolSmartPhone.com, said: "Mobile networks are slowly realising that data is crucial to selling many handsets now. The phone should be connected to the web all the time, end of story."

He added that consumers are increasingly demanding that their smartphones are online all the time and networks are beginning to realise that a competitive data plan is needed, in order to sell these phones.

Independent research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics recently suggested that the smartphone handset market is leading the industry out of the recession.

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Posted by Dan Latham