Nokia planning Treasure Tag sensor


Nokia Planning Treasure Tag Sensor

According to sources, Nokia is planning a Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC-based accessory that will allow users to attach their valuables in order to make them easy to find through their mobile phone.

The technology would make your valuables trackable through an app on the Nokia Lumia Windows Phone handsets, according to The Verge.

Sources say the 'Treasure Tag' sensor can be attached to virtually everything including keys, tablets, laptops and pretty much anything else you can think of.

The sources, who spoke to The Verge, are unknown but connected to the matter and said the app would show the item on a map allowing users to locate their gadgets.

"You'll also be able to locate a phone that's paired to the sensor by holding down a key on the device. The sensor will trigger a notification sound on a phone, but only if it's within range," according to the report.

It is expected that the Treasure Tag accessory will start going on sale over the next few weeks and the app will presumably follow shortly.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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