Nokia music phone 'comes with unique style'


Nokia Music Phone Comes With Unique Style

A new device has been announced by Nokia which claims to offer music and features wrapped in a stylish package.

The 7205 Intrigue boasts a number of audio options including access to V CAST Music with Rhapsody and Visual Voice MailSM, allowing users the chance to choose from a library of over five million songs.

In addition, the manufacturer has equipped the phone with microSD support for up to 8GB of music, video and pictures - but the Finnish manufacturer notes the style of the handset will be a major attraction for some.

"The Nokia 7205 Intrigue's unique external display blends into its smooth black exterior - then when an incoming call or text is received, the display instantly illuminates," it states.

Also featured is a gradient colour keypad which comes in silver or pink variants.

The company recently announced the launch of three new audio-focussed handsets - the XpressMusic 5730 and 5330, as well as the 5030.

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