Nokia mobile phone may be just right for music fans


Nokia Mobile Phone May Be Just Right For Music Fans

Mobile phone users who rely on their device to listen to music could enhance its performance with a trio of apps detailed by the Nokia Conversations blog.

Indeed, some users may even wish to recycle their used phones in order to fund a new Nokia handset to enjoy the downloads.

Rhiain, author of the blog, firstly recommends the Drum Box app, which allows consumers to enjoy a virtual drum kit as well as up to 40 other instruments.

The individual goes on to note the potential appeal of Playlist DJ - a download that enables users to listen to the songs that match their mood at any particular time.

And finally, the writer puts forward Gig Finder as a possible investment from the Ovi Store, with the technology using a database of shows and concerts to inform users when their favourite band is next set to perform.

Nokia is due to release its N8 device this year, which may prove the perfect handset on which to experiment with the three apps.

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Posted by Ryan White