Nokia E72: Comes ready to chat


Nokia E72: Comes Ready To Chat

If you are looking to sell your mobile phone, the Nokia E72 may be a more tempting option after recent comments from the manufacturer.

This week the company announced that along with the E63, E71 and E75, this model would be one of the first to offer full access to Windows Live Messenger services.

However, while the Nokia E72 comes with the product on board, users of the other devices will need to download an update to take advantage of the service.

It was advised by the Finnish group that the option is now one of the most popular of its type in the world and has been linked to its own Messaging Chat application.

The Nokia Press Bulletin Board added that this means "people worldwide can have multiple conversations simultaneously, change their status and personal messages."

However, those looking for a more photography-focused handset from the firm may be interested in an article that was published elsewhere this week.

Nokia Conversations posted a selection of photos taken from locations across the globe using the N95 model.

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Published bt Noel Mellor