Nexus S and Desire HD 'are top models for mobile phone fans'


Nexus S And Desire HD Are Top Models For Mobile Phone Fans

Users who love to own the latest mobile phone technology could decide to make a choice between the Google Nexus S and the HTC Desire HD, widely considered to be two of the leading models on the current market.

Flora Graham, comparing the two devices for CNET UK, says each of the models has a "cutting-edge" case and "gorgeous" screen to their names.

She admits they are actually very similar to use, with the major differences between the handsets said to be the Nexus S's use of a newer Android operating system and the Desire's special skin.

"We can't leave these two robots locked in hand-to-hand combat forever, and one must leave the robot ring the winner. Based on the criteria we've chosen, the overall winner is the Nexus S," concludes Ms Graham.

Google only recently announced the release of the Nexus S, which has been developed in conjunction with technology manufacturer Samsung.

Posted by Simon Thomas