Motorists may wish to trade in mobiles for smartphones


Motorists May Wish To Trade In Mobiles For Smartphones

Drivers could be among the first in line over the coming months to trade in their mobile phones and invest in the latest technology.

Ian, author of a piece for Nokia Conversations, explains the popularity of in-car entertainment and information systems via smartphones is on the rise.

He admits there is still progress to be made in terms of efficiency, but the technology is now in place to make better use of handsets while on the road.

The writer notes some of the world's largest vehicle manufacturers are already on board, including Honda, Toyota and Volkswagen.

"Better navigation, music and call-handling are the obvious things improved car/smartphone integration could bring," Ian states, adding there may be more benefits to come.

Qik – which was recently bought out by Skype – this week announced the launch of Qik Video Connect, a video calling app that allows friends and family to communicate via film clips.

Posted by Samantha Green