Mothers urged to sell mobiles and snap up smartphones


Mothers Urged To Sell Mobiles And Snap Up Smartphones

Selling mobiles and using the cash to purchase a smartphone is a course of action that could meet with the approval of mothers across the UK.

Three has launched a campaign to show mums exactly how hard they are working and how access to a top device could help them to claw back some of their social life and fun time.

The network found that the average female parent dedicates more than 70 hours a week to her family.

More than a third (38 per cent) of mums admit they would love an extra hour each day to enjoy themselves.

"We hope that by showing mums how easy it is to get started on a smartphone, we can really help the UK's busy mums claw back some much-needed time for themselves," explained the network's Sylvia Chind.

Three recently announced it is making it more affordable to join the smartphone revolution by offering five models on £15-a-month contracts.

Posted by Simon Thomas

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