Mobile recycling consumers could invest in Nokia phone with email


Mobile Recycling Consumers Could Invest In Nokia Phone With Email

Trading in a used mobile with Mazuma could free up some cash for consumers to join the growing number of people connected to Ovi Mail.

The email service, which comes as standard with Nokia devices, now has more than ten million registered accounts, the firm has revealed.

It provides users with instant access to their emails from any location - something that may prove especially useful to businesspeople.

According to Nokia, mobile phones are becoming the default way to view and reply to electronic messages, with most people using a handset to communicate.

People who would like to make use of the service could perhaps recycle their existing phone and choose any of the 200 models offered by Nokia that come complete with Ovi Mail.

Last week, the telecommunications provider announced it was releasing an updated version of its Ovi maps technology, that can be used as an in-car satellite navigation system.

Trade-in your old mobile phone for cash

Posted by Ryan White