Mobile phones users encouraged to use slim-line Facebook


Mobile Phones Users Encouraged To Use Slim Line Facebook

Consumers looking to sell their mobile phone to take advantage of an upgrade may be encouraged to do so after Facebook announced a special version for handsets.

Unveiled at the World Mobile Congress by Chamath Palihapitiya, the company's vice-president of user growth, on Tuesday (February 16th), the Zero application will allow more people to access the social networking site on their mobiles.

The facility will be text-only, allowing those on contracts with low bandwidth to utilise the website.

It is expected to be provided for free, regardless of mobile networks' standard data charges.

Tim Gibbon, co-founder of the Social Mobile Portal, commented: "Facebook is a social utility, so it is naturally looking to work with mediums that are relevant to its audiences. Mobile phones are a natural progression because of the sheer number of them."

According to Facebook, it has 400 million active users - 50 per cent of whom log in every day - with 100 million of that figure using a mobile device to access their profiles.

Written by Sarah James