Mobile phones could be the answer for wasteful Britons


Mobile Phones Could Be The Answer For Wasteful Britons

Britons who believe they may be one of those currently wasting money on a home phone could instead opt to invest in a mobile.

New research from has found that outdated packages are responsible for almost half of customers losing cash.

It noted there are potential savings of £100 a year up for grabs, yet 48.5 per cent have not changed their provider in the last five years.

However, it may pay to remove a home line and sell any handsets in order to raise the funds for a special mobile.

Michael Phillips, product director at the website, explained that home phone payments are often the "forgotten bill" among consumers.

By focusing on a mobile phone instead, they could truly become a thing of the past, as they no longer exist.

An affordable place to start is with Three, as the network recently revealed it is offering five smartphones on a £15 monthly tariff.

Posted by Peter Robinson

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