Mobile phone users warned of potential dangers


Mobile Phone Users Warned Of Potential Dangers

People with one of the market's latest mobile phones to their name may wish to take note of the security risks associated with such devices.

Paul Allen, editor of Computeractive, says viruses and malware will become threats to those using iPhones, HTCs and BlackBerry devices in the future.

"I don't think it matters what the medium is; if people think there's an opportunity to either mislead to a commercial advantage or defraud people, they'll take it," he states.

The expert suggests using some common sense when it comes to security and anti-virus protection, although this is currently in short supply in the market.

Mr Allen notes risks will "certainly" develop, so considering them now could pay off in the long run.

His comments come shortly after a report by the European Network and Information Security Agency found the greatest problems for smartphone users include spyware, poor data cleansing and accidental leakage.

Posted by Simon Thomas