Mobile phone users warned of holiday threat


Mobile Phone Users Warned Of Holiday Threat

Trading in an old mobile phone for money with Mazuma may be considered a good idea by many, but wasting the cash on an excessive bill a few months later is unlikely to be well received.

Large bills are a threat facing handset owners heading on holiday overseas this summer, according to research by

Of the 22 million people set to take their mobile abroad with them, some 15 million will not check the tariff for using it from a foreign country before they go.

That could result in many of them joining the 32 per cent of Britons who have been hit with a large bill after returning from a break.

"Contacting your mobile network should be high on every mobile user's holiday checklist, alongside their sun cream and passport," advises Matthew Wheeler, communications expert at the website.

Some mobile providers could follow the lead of Three, which recently cut its charges for customers using their device in South Africa during the current World Cup.

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Posted by Sarah James